About Us

Tamaala is an effort to bring happiness through art and art-inspired creations into living spaces and daily lives. We aim to create through the cohesion of original art, innovative product design and usability. We work with artists who have original works of art and transfer using different printing methods onto products which are ergonomically designed. The attempt is to move art out of the canvas into products that we use or are around us, and this way we spread more happiness and enable more points of interaction for a lover of art.


Tamaala – तमाला (Sanskrit) – There are varied meanings for this word in different geographies, cultures and languages across this beautiful planet. For us the core meaning is that of the evergreen tree of art…the tree under which all art blossoms.

Tamaala is founded by Suvarna Kamakshi & Vinay Prashant.

Suvarna has been a practicing visual artist for the last decade with solo shows across cities in India. She is the chief Designer and artist co-ordinator for Tamaala. Vinay is a management professional with 18 + years in the industry, he handles Sales and Operations.