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Gift A Piece Of India

Aadu Huli Aata


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The board is made of high-quality kora cotton and hand screen printed by our rural artisans. The coins are made both at Ettikopakka ( Andhra Pradesh ) and Channapatna ( Karnataka ).

Also known as Puli-Meka, Adu-Puli Aatam, Bagh Aur Bakri, Bagh Chal, Bagh Bakar, Puli Judam.

This game is known as Aadu Huli Aata in Karnataka, (Aadu means goat, Huli means tiger and Aata means play). Variations of this game with differing rules, different boards and various combinations of game pieces are played in many parts of India and around the world.

Look out for etchings of this board on the stone floors and walls at historic sites and temples. It is believed that in the past, workmen and stray visitors carved these game boards so they could play and pass the time. For instance , the board is drawn on the parapet inside the Mahadwara of the Chamundeshwari temple atop Chamundi Betta (hill) in Mysore, Karnataka.

Two people can play this game. One person is the goat (defender) and the other the tiger (challenger). The challenger has 3 tigers while the defender has 16 goats. The aim of the game is for the tiger to kill 5 goats while the defender tries to surround the 3 tigers in such a way that the challenger cannot make a move.

The game involves concentration, skill and strategy. It is interesting to note that the goat, although the weaker animal can defeat the tiger when all the goats team up together.


Game board

Rule sheet

3 Tiger Pawns

16 Goat Pawns

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