Gift A Piece Of India

Gift A Piece Of India

Bookends - Rosewood


Product details

These elephant bookends are handcrafted by rosewood inlay artists from Mysore, Karnataka.

Ivory inlay in rosewood was practiced by artisans in the princely state of Mysore (under the patronage of the Wodeyar kings) as rosewood was available in abundance locally and elephant culling for ivory was still legal.
Later, Master craftsperson ‘Shokat Ali’ innovated by using locally available wood of different colours to create wonderful art pieces and replacing ivory with treated plastic.
These art pieces were well appreciated by the king and it was easy to learn and practice for the other people too. The unique material culture and simple technique brought the revolution in the world of art and craft and also in the life of people. In 2003, the craft was approved for a G I tag (globally recognised Geographical Indicator).

Disclaimer – The shade of the wood may differ

Measurement: 7.87*2.36( Inches).

1.086 kg.


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